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In an ever-changing world with new distinctive economic challenges, the demand for you to do more with less has never been greater.

In the little over 18 years we have been in business, we have never seen a situation quite as dynamic as this one. The fabric of human society changing at break-neck speed, followed by snap Government decisions coming with little notice; has certainly kept us all in the commercial world on our toes.

We have been busy helping our clients across the financial services sector maintain excellence in their service delivery, while transitioning to a new world of working. By leveraging technology in the right way, businesses can diminish their reliance on traditional physical infrastructure, and not only in many cases decrease cost, but drive efficiency to get more out of fewer resources.

| Do more, with less

But what if now is an opportune moment to take stock of the operations of your business and proactively make changes that will allow you to be more agile and capable, while operating with ‘less’?

By less, we mean leaner resources – whether that’s traditional physical infrastructure (such as your office premises or IT backbone infrastructure assets), or your people and processes (getting more inefficiencies out of what they do in their daily workflow).

| Protect your Business

But what if now is an opportune moment to take stock of the security of your business and proactively make changes that will allow you to improve the resilience and overall protection to reduce and minimise business risk?

There is no single answer approach to minimising risk to your business as there is a lot to consider. As a company in the finance sector with FCA standards and regulations to adhere to, you are not only having to work to protect the interests of your business and your clients but to meet legislative pressure too.

| Focus on your Expertise


But what if now is an opportune moment to take stock of the operations of your business and proactively make changes that will allow you to ensure operational efficiency to deliver consistent, reliable services?

Despite being keen to get back on the path to normality, it is critical that we return not to ‘business as usual’ as we knew it, but take this opportunity to refine the outlook for your day-to-day operations – a leaner, more secure version for the future.

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    Why use Evolve?

    We are a London based technology company offering high-quality services to businesses around the UK that want to grow. We build long-term relationships with customers based on trust and mutual success. We achieve this by focusing on the continual development of our people and partnering with suppliers that share our values.

    | Excellent Service

    When customer service is done well everyone wins.

    • Listening to the customer’s problem
    • Communicating clearly
    • Always being friendly and approachable
    • Doing what we say we are going to do
    • Understanding our customer’s needs
    • Honesty
    • Timeliness

    | Trustworthy

    Earning and maintaining trust is a philosophy that guides everything we do.

    We know that trust is earned over time by demonstrating competence. Nonetheless, we like to make the case from the outset:

    | Specialist Knowledge

    Our expertise is the heart of our business. Our customers rely on us to be knowledgeable in the technology they are using. They also look to us to understand how new technology could help their business.

    To provide this we ensure that our team have the skills they need:

    • Training and development plans are built into each one of our employees’ regular appraisal process
    • Researching new technology is considered an essential part of everyone’s day
    • Sharing expertise is encouraged around the office and in more formal team meetings
    • Our technical staff are all Microsoft certified and are required to keep these qualifications current

    | Fairness

    Throughout our business, we do our best to be fair – both with our customers and with each other. This means:

    • Providing services that are value for money
    • Honouring agreements
    • Paying on time
    • Treating people as we would expect to be treated
    • Striving for win-win situations
    • Being ‘reasonable’ in the formulation and interpretation of our contracts