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Move to Office 365 Without the Hassle

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Move to Office 365 Without the Hassle

The Client

FARA Charity’s mission is to transform the lives of some of Romania’s poorest and most vulnerable children and young adults.

It was established 25 years ago and provides homes, therapy, education and support programmes in Bucharest and rural areas in the North East and North West of Romania.

FARA Charity generates 90% of its income through a network of charity shops across London. The shops and the workforce of over 300 – both paid and voluntary –  are managed by a team of area managers, and the entire operation is coordinated from their Head Office in South West London.

Email is crucial for communication across the team. As a retail organisation in a highly competitive market efficiency is paramount. Email has to ‘just work’ so that it doesn’t become a distraction.

The Problem

  • The ever-increasing volume of email was slowing their server down.
  • They were reluctant to change because of disruption to their business.

Our Solution

We migrated FARA Charity’s email, calendars and contacts from their internal Exchange server into Office 365:

  • We used our unique project management methodology.
  • Email was migrated ‘behind the scenes’ in phases.
  • We reconfigured all desktop and mobile devices.
  • We provided enhanced support throughout the project.

The Results

There was very little disruption to FARA Charity’s ongoing operation.

They no longer need an email server in their Head Office.

They now have much bigger mailboxes which gives them room to grow well into the future.

Office 365 allows FARA to instantly add or remove email accounts ensuring that they only spend on the technology they are using.

The charity no longer needs to budget to upgrade their server just to keep their email system up to date.

How It Feels

We asked Raphe Phelan, FARA Charity’s Managing Director, for his feedback on the project:

“The project went very smoothly. The pre-planning by Evolve’s technicians paid handsome dividends. We knew what was happening at all times and everyone felt reassured that someone was looking after us.”