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Security Training Makes Staff Safer

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Security Training Makes Staff Safer

The Client

Based in Denmark, the US and the UK, Amayse provides 3D signage for televised sporting events. With customers in over 70 countries worldwide, they also supply event and venue branding; and large format signage for indoor and outdoor use.

Amayse uses specialist large format printers to produce a wide variety of signage products. Maximising the use of these highly expensive assets is key to the profitability of the organisation and any disruption to this would have an immediate impact. In short, they can’t afford downtime.

The Problem

  • Any cyber security breach would disrupt their daily operation
  • Network analysis showed staff using the system in an insecure way
  • Staff were unaware of the risks to the business their behaviour could posed

Our Solution

We provided the team at Amayse with a bespoke security awareness training session:

  • Small focussed sessions of up to 6 people
  • A separate consultation for management
  • Content tailored to the specific needs of the business
  • Discussion format to maximise relevance and learning

The Results

The sessions were very well received by all staff. Many were surprised to learn about the scale of the potential risks.

Staff were able to apply the lessons learned to their daily work but also to their personal technology.

The management team were better briefed on the risks to their business from cyber threats; and on the potential vulnerability that they pose to the organisation due to their elevated privileges.

How It Feels

We asked Kate Spring, Client Service Manager, for her feedback on the training:

“The content was good, informative and just the right amount. We liked the practical examples. The information on how easy it is for your privacy to be compromised stuck with most employees”

“People consider what they are opening more now and are more vigilant of potential phishing emails. The tip on how to recognise these by checking the sender’s full email address was particularly useful.”