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How technology can help your small business achieve big growth

11/10/2018 in Technology

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When it comes to enabling big growth in your small business, technology is the lynchpin that can push you beyond what you thought was possible.

That’s why 34 percent of start-ups increase their revenue with a digital-first, tech-driven strategy.

Technology is the secret weapon for business growth. If you’re not already taking advantage of it, there’s never been a better time to embrace it. If you do, you’ll soon find your business growth ambitions become reality.

Here’s how technology can help your small business achieve big growth.

Collaborative productivity

Did you know that 91 percent of IT professionals agree that engaging with data in an interactive way could help with business problem solving?

By utilising cloud-based collaborative tools, your employees can keep in contact and work together no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Ultimately, this can streamline tedious processes and ensure that ideas are always flowing.

What’s more, investing in cloud-based tools can help you embrace agile working initiatives, allowing your employees to work productively from home and your HR department to widen the talent pool.

Security and business continuity

Sixty percent of small to medium sized businesses go out of business within six months of being hacked.

Without the right cyber security technology in place, your organisation may not survive, never mind grow.

By investing in secure tools – such as anti-malware, threat detection and disaster recovery – your small business can build better, stronger walls against cyber threats. From here, your organisation can ensure continuity and focus your efforts on business-driven investments.

Room to grow and experiment

On-premise, legacy infrastructure can hinder your business’s growth. Without room to accommodate the data you need for new services and offerings; your growth will only ever be stunted at best.

So, how can technology help?

71 percent of businesses say one of their leading reasons for adopting cloud computing is for its scalability.

The ability to scale up, or down, on demand and on a pay-as-you-go basis allows you to experiment with new projects on an affordable basis. And, if something isn’t working, you can tear it down and try something new.

Implementing innovation

A third of businesses worldwide adopt cloud computing to help accelerate their product innovation.

Investing in data-driven technologies can boost business growth through invaluable insights into your customers and business processes. Whether you’re pioneering an IoT device or customer chat bots, cloud technology is the gateway to increasing your revenue and growing your offerings.

And, if that’s not enticing enough, it’s affordable to experiment with the cloud. Certain providers offer a range of data-driven services, such as Azure Machine Learning and Azure IoT. They allow you to deploy your models or services fast, without the cost and time restrictions of outdated on-premise infrastructure.

Embrace the technological revolution

The future of modern business will be built upon technology. Indeed, digital businesses see a higher revenue growth than non-digital businesses.

In order to see the big growth in your small business, it’s essential you find the right tools, platforms and specialists that can help you embrace modern working practices, security initiatives and innovation.

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