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How We Are Improving Malware Protection

27/03/2014 in Technology

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The big security news story towards the end of last year was a piece of malware called CryptoLocker. It was able to evade about 50% of malware protection tools. The only way to recover from the infection was pay a ransom or rely on backups. See this Wikipedia article for details.

One of our customers was affected and suffered disruption to their business. This prompted us to review our malware protection measures.

We have always helped our customers stay safe online by following the three fundamental rules for workstation security:

  • Keep your computer updated.
  • Install and maintain security software.
  • Avoid disreputable website and dodgy email attachments.

Due to the nature of CryptoLocker we realised that we needed to re-examine this approach to malware protection. We looked in depth at every single one of our customers systems. It proved to be an intensive and interesting journey. We:

  • Assessed and standardised how customer computers receive updates.
  • Rewrote internal processes where necessary.
  • Trained our techies to check in a consistent and regular way.
  • Followed up every quarantined infection with additional anti-malware scans.
  • Deployed a new malware protection tool to all workstations.

I like to think that it is this attention to detail that makes us stand out as a supplier. It is an example of the values we foster here at Evolve. We work hard to deliver on our customer’s expectations whether or not it is in the contract. I call it ‘doing the right thing’.

In conclusion, it is obvious that the security landscape is continually changing. To combat this we are vigilant. We take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously. We strive to maintain high levels of malware protection. Although we cannot guarantee 100% security, our customers can sleep easy knowing we are working hard on their behalf.

For a more detailed description of how to stay safe on the Internet see my series of articles on the subject here.

Were you impacted by CryptoLocker? Do you have another approach to malware protection? Is there anything you think I’ve missed? I welcome your thoughts and comments below.