Microsoft has announced that its Lists app, which helps users track information and organize their work, is now available in its collaboration and video conferencing tool Teams for all commercial and Government Community (GCC) customers.

The software giant first announced Microsoft Lists at its Build 2020 developer conference and the Microsoft 365 app lets users create lists to help them stay on top of what matters most to their team.

Lists can be used to track all manner of things including patients, loans, issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory and more with customizable views and smart rules to keep everyone in sync. The app also features ready-made templates and lists can be created directly from within Teams. These lists can then be accessed on the Teams mobile app by navigating to the Lists tab.


Microsoft Lists

Lists in Teams is supported as a team-based tab app built on top of the Microsoft Teams platform and Microsoft created the new app to bring all the collaboration and communication modalities to lists and list items to help teams get work done.

Teams users will be able to create new lists from scratch or from eight standard templates and three industry-specific ones to keep track of patients, loans and incidents. However, lists can also be created from table data in Excel or even from an existing list.

In terms of list features, the app has all of the standard list features that are available in SharePoint web including column types, view formatting, Quick Edit, exporting to Excel, sorting, filtering and more. Keeping track of who did what is also simple as all user actions on a list are audited and available in the Security and compliance centre audit logging.

By providing users with an easy way to create lists and keep track of their work, Microsoft has made it much easier for employees working from home to stay productive and collaborate with other members of their team online.