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Our New IT Operations Manager – Congratulations Jessica

19/05/2014 in Careers

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JessicaI am very pleased to announce that Jessica has been promoted to manage the technical team. Her new title is Operations Manager. She is responsible for keeping those rebellious Helpdesk techies in line and ensuring that we continue to provide high levels of service to our customers.

That, of course, is a complete simplification of the extent of her duties but her LinkedIn profile gives a much fuller account of her role. Look her up and connect – she will be very pleased to hear from you.

Most of what Jessica does is behind the scenes. I have asked her to focus on two goals for the Helpdesk team:

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Improve efficiency

She has already started to plan a series of initiatives to ensure that we keep our standards high. Our customers should start to see the benefits of this over the coming months.

She is also responsible as the first point of contact for our customers should they want to escalate any non-technical issues with our service. Please let her know if anything is bothering you.

Of course, it is also great to hear from you if you have received some excellent service from our technicians. It helps with their individual appraisals, keeps them happy and allows us to see where things are going right.