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Reduce Computer Problems – Keep Your PC Switched on Overnight

2/07/2014 in Projects

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This week, our Operations Manager, Jessica, sent out a reminder to all our customers about their maintenance night. We ask our customers to leave their computers on overnight, once a week, to enable us to run a series of automated tasks. These tasks range from anti-virus scans to the clean up of temporary files and include a system reboot that allows updates to be fully applied.

So if you are one of our customers and have received Jessica’s email then please get into the habit of leaving your machine switched on [but logged off] on your scheduled maintenance night. If you could also help us get the word out and remind your colleagues that would be great.

Its a bit like having your car serviced every week rather than every year. It means that small tweaks can be made to keep everything in shape. And that means that when problems happen they are less serious and quicker to fix. Its a virtuous circle.

By taking this proactive approach to computer maintenance we constantly improve the stability and performance of our customers’ systems. This in turn leads to improvements in the bottom line because:

  • Staff work more efficiently
  • The risk of malware and viruses is reduced
  • Fewer problems mean less disruption
  • Improved perception of the business