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The Secret to a Healthier Happier Workplace

1/05/2015 in News

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Like many modern office jobs, looking after computer systems and the people that use them can be stressful. It also tends to tie us to our desks for long periods. As there is more and more evidence that stress and inactivity have a negative effect on our  well being, I’ve always got an eye out for ways to help the Evolve team work in more healthy ways.

And our newest acquisition is helping us do just that – a dartboard!

I actually got it because I enjoy a game of darts but am beginning to appreciate its additional benefits.

It gives us a reason to take micro breaks throughout the day

  • Our 1001 challenge creates a little healthy rivalry
  • Darts is a game that allows everyone to be competitive

Performance so far:

  • Much to my own disappointment I am in last place
  • Pete is mid-table
  • Glenn is in the lead
  • Anna is the surprise package: never having played before she is now in second place
  • Presumably Brazil has no pubs as Samuel is still ‘getting his eye in’ and is yet to post a score