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Live Webinar:
Thursday 9th March, 2pm

Protecting your business IP and data: Are you asking the right questions?

As a business leader, you probably have a loose understanding of data security principles. And you are doing the best you can to safeguard your business information. But, in our experience, when you come to scale your business, the gaps will start to appear and you can leave yourself vulnerable.

Cybercriminals are getting smarter and using more sophisticated techniques to attack companies’ systems, stealing essential IP and data to use to their advantage.

What you thought were data security basics will not be enough anymore. Simply using the latest tech tools won’t cut it either. In order to support your ambitious growth, you will need to get serious about protecting your data and IP by:

  • Creating and documenting the rules for how staff, suppliers and clients interact with your data
  • Ensuring that your people understand and adhere to those rules
  • Assessing and minimising cyber risk in your existing system
  • Keeping abreast of and minimising the latest cyber risks
  • Preparing for disaster
  • Proving your cyber security competence to potential customers, investors, and insurance companies

This is especially important if your data is critical or highly sensitive and don’t have a full IT team to manage the controls around it yet.

But where do you start? And how do you know that you are asking the right questions of your team. Sometimes, it’s the questions you don’t know to ask which are the most important.


David Watson, Managing Director, Evolve Computers


The webinar will cover:

As a business leader, this webinar with David Watson, vCIO and Managing Director of Evolve Computers, will cover:

  • The 6 key areas you need to consider to ensure you’ve covered all aspects of data protection
  • How to create your own bespoke plan to protect your IP and critical data
  • The services you need and the questions to ask suppliers