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What do you think of our new logo?

14/08/2015 in News

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We are getting a new website built for us. That all sounded straight forward when we started – quick website, freshen everything up, make it work on mobile devices, bish bosh.

Of course things are never that simple and we’ve found ourselves having to take a good hard look at what we are about – our brand and the value we bring to our customers. We are only half way through but its been a really insightful journey already.

Although the site is still a long way off I thought I would share our new logo design. Firstly, however, our old logo:


Cropped Master Logo - Transparent Background 360px wide

And now the new one:


evolve 2015 logo - tansparent background 540px wide

It’s cleaner, simpler and more modern. We like the new colours – green with a splash of blue. We think it has a solidity that conveys reliability and is professional without being too corporate.

What do you think? I am on Twitter, and LinkedIn and would love to hear from you.