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Enhancing Customers’ Cyber Security with Web Protection

30/04/2016 in News

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Fundamental SecurityWe’re upgrading our customers’ fundamental cyber security. One of the biggest risks to your business from the Internet is a technique called ‘phishing’. While you may not be familiar with the jargon it’s a technique that you will have experienced many times.

The Verizon 2016 Data Breach Report describes phishing as:

“A form of social engineering in which a message, typically an email, with a malicious attachment or link is sent to a victim with the intent of tricking the recipient to open attachment.”

The traditional defence against phishing is a decent email filter but with ever changing algorithms it is pretty much a certainty that phishing emails will get through. Your anti-malware software should pick up the attachments but a link to an unsafe website needs an additional layer of protection.

And that’s where our Web Protection service comes in. It allows us to control, monitor and enforce web policies to keep your business safe from websites pushing malware by blocking users from visiting suspected and confirmed unsafe sites.

Many of our customers are already protected but for those that aren’t we’ll be deploying the service very shortly. Any new customers will automatically get this protection as part of the fundamental cyber protection of their system.