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Security is Built Into Everything We Do

By far the biggest risk to any business is the danger of a cyber security breach. If the ‘bad guys’ get in then the most likely impact on your business will be:

  • Staff unable to work.
  • Loss of key business data.
  • Loss of your reputation.

This is an evolving area of technology with the type and scale of attacks changing constantly. To stay as secure as possible your security needs to be continually improved.

To counteract Internet threats we provide a range of security measures as part of every fixed price support contract:

  • Fully maintained anti-virus and anti-malware software.
  • Scheduled anti-malware scans.
  • USB stick scanning.
  • Web protection prevents access to unsafe websites.
  • Windows and third-party patching.
  • Rapid response to potential threat detection.
  • Continuous service improvements based on cyber security developments.

When you are protected, the chances of disruption to your business are greatly reduced. That means you are free to be more productive and provides you with peace of mind.

This fundamental level of protection is essential for any business.

We also offer additional services:

Anti-Spam and Web Filtering – Filtering email and web activity prevents threats from reaching you in the first place.

Security Awareness Training – Training for your staff to keep them safe.

Fundamental Cyber Protection

Getting the foundations right prevents Internet threats


Anti-Spam & Web Filtering

Filtering Internet activity stops threats before they get in


Security Awareness Training

Understanding cyber threats makes your business safer


Cyber Essentials Certification

We take the hassle out of getting your business accredited

More Info

Wireless Network Security

Boost cyber security by taking control of wireless devices

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