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Your Wireless Network is a Risk to Your Business

We can protect your system from personal or unknown wireless devices. Our Wireless Management Service stops disruption to your system from unchecked devices.

You may not realise it but probably around 40% of the devices on your business network are connected wirelessly. You have no idea who they belong to and what they are doing.

What Can Go Wrong

Problems caused by these devices affect your network. They could, for example, be downloading video content across your Internet connection slowing things down for everyone. If they are infected with malware that could spread to other devices or destroy your data.

Right now, we find mostly personal phones, tablets, e-readers and laptops connecting to our customers wireless networks. However, the number of wireless devices is growing dramatically. The much hyped ‘Internet of Things’ sees pretty much any device you can think of being given wireless capability – lighting, CCTV, smart meters, TVs, fridges, kettles.

These new devices will find their way onto your network and will only add to the problem. That means an ever-increasing impact on the performance and security of your company’s system.

It’s Time to Take Control

We have developed a fully-managed wireless network solution for our customers. It is priced for small businesses and brings the performance and features of an advanced wireless network. Best of all, its managed by Evolve to our high standards of security, reliability and customer service.

We replace your existing wireless network with new high-speed access points. You get all the features that you’d expect from the latest wireless technology.

You can have multiple wireless network names, each with its own permissions. For example, a guest network for personal devices keeps them off the company network and prevents them from using up all the limits the amount of your network speed they can use. At the same time another wireless network can be secured for your staff that provides a faster connection and access to other company devices such as servers and printers.

Mobile devices roam seamlessly around your premises. There’s no need to reconnect when you move between floors or into other parts of the building. You can even roam between different offices wherever they are.

Our access points are built to look good in the office and are robust enough to be used outside.

We Look After Everything for a Monthly Fee

  • We apply upgrades for security and new features as soon as they are available
  • We replace faulty access points next business day
  • We help your staff if they are having problems connecting
  • We even regularly change your passwords to keep everything as secure as possible
  • Nothing to pay upfront – we provide the access points and any supporting switches
  • Pay a fixed monthly fee per access point

Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you if you’d want to find out more or just have a question you need answered.

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