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Case Studies

We help our customers improve their business with solutions to technology problems. We utilise our extensive experience working with small businesses, and a clear and proven project methodology.

This allows us to consistently deliver cost-effective projects with real value such as those below.

Move to Office 365 Without the Hassle

The Client

FARA Charity’s mission is to transform the lives of some of Romania’s poorest and most vulnerable children and young adults.

It was established 25 years ago and provides homes, therapy, education and support programmes in Bucharest and rural areas in the North East and North West of Romania.

FARA Charity generates 90% of its income through a network of charity shops across London. The shops and the workforce of over 300 – both paid and voluntary –  are managed by a team of area managers, and the entire operation is coordinated from their Head Office in South West London.

Email is crucial for communication across the team. As a retail organisation in a highly competitive market efficiency is paramount. Email has to ‘just work’ so that it doesn’t become a distraction.

The Problem

  • The ever-increasing volume of email was slowing their server down.
  • They were reluctant to change because of disruption to their business.

Our Solution

We migrated FARA Charity’s email, calendars and contacts from their internal Exchange server into Office 365:

  • We used our unique project management methodology.
  • Email was migrated ‘behind the scenes’ in phases.
  • We reconfigured all desktop and mobile devices.
  • We provided enhanced support throughout the project.

The Results

There was very little disruption to FARA Charity’s ongoing operation.

They no longer need an email server in their Head Office.

They now have much bigger mailboxes which gives them room to grow well into the future.

Office 365 allows FARA to instantly add or remove email accounts ensuring that they only spend on the technology they are using.

The charity no longer needs to budget to upgrade their server just to keep their email system up to date.

How It Feels

We asked Raphe Phelan, FARA Charity’s Managing Director, for his feedback on the project:

“The project went very smoothly. The pre-planning by Evolve’s technicians paid handsome dividends. We knew what was happening at all times and everyone felt reassured that someone was looking after us.”

Security Training Makes Staff Safer

The Client

Based in Denmark, the US and the UK, Amayse provides 3D signage for televised sporting events. With customers in over 70 countries worldwide, they also supply event and venue branding; and large format signage for indoor and outdoor use.

Amayse uses specialist large format printers to produce a wide variety of signage products. Maximising the use of these highly expensive assets is key to the profitability of the organisation and any disruption to this would have an immediate impact. In short, they can’t afford downtime.

The Problem

  • Any cyber security breach would disrupt their daily operation
  • Network analysis showed staff using the system in an insecure way
  • Staff were unaware of the risks to the business their behaviour could posed

Our Solution

We provided the team at Amayse with a bespoke security awareness training session:

  • Small focussed sessions of up to 6 people
  • A separate consultation for management
  • Content tailored to the specific needs of the business
  • Discussion format to maximise relevance and learning

The Results

The sessions were very well received by all staff. Many were surprised to learn about the scale of the potential risks.

Staff were able to apply the lessons learned to their daily work but also to their personal technology.

The management team were better briefed on the risks to their business from cyber threats; and on the potential vulnerability that they pose to the organisation due to their elevated privileges.

How It Feels

We asked Kate Spring, Client Service Manager, for her feedback on the training:

“The content was good, informative and just the right amount. We liked the practical examples. The information on how easy it is for your privacy to be compromised stuck with most employees”

“People consider what they are opening more now and are more vigilant of potential phishing emails. The tip on how to recognise these by checking the sender’s full email address was particularly useful.”

Getting Rid of IT Problems

The Client

Scandia-Hus have been designing and building, beautiful, individual and energy efficient timber frame homes in the UK for over 40 years. They have a reputation for successfully combining advanced Swedish technology with the best of British architectural style and building craftsmanship.

Their teams work on multiple complex and unique projects and pride themselves on consistently providing high levels of customer service to their customers. Their system is crucial to the success of all aspects of their business – from sales and administration through to architectural design and implementation.

The Problem

The company’s existing antiquated and unreliable system interfered with the day-to-day running of the company.

Staff were continually frustrated by a series of problems that were not getting fixed.

Slow performance meant that a huge amount of employee time was being wasted.

Fundamental security was not being addressed in a consistent way leaving the business vulnerable.

The unprecedented downturn in the economy at that time meant that any investment would have to be gradual and targeted.

Our Solution

We immediately took over the day-to-day management of the system under our fixed-price support plan:

  • We implemented immediate fundamental improvements
  • Staff had unlimited access to our Helpdesk team to get all their pressing issues resolved
  • We worked with our software development partner to bring cost-effective and immediate improvements to the speed of Scandia-Hus’ core business application
  • We planned a series of small projects to bring steady improvements to the stability and security of the business over the following 18 months.

The Results

We measure the work we do for our customers. The amount of disruption a system is causing a customer is directly reflected in the number of issues raised by their staff.

Since we started working with Scandia-Hus we have seen a 58% decline in the number of problems that they bring to us.

We have also had lots of positive feedback from the whole team at Scandia-Hus. Initially feedback focused on relief from all of the staff that business could resume as normal and trust could be reinstated into the IT infrastructure. More recently it has been praise for the level of customer service we provide.

How It Feels

We talked to Derek Dawson, Scandia-Hus’ Managing Director to get his feedback on the project:

“Scandia-Hus prides itself on providing high customer service. Having an antiquated system that impeded this service was very frustrating for myself and my employees. With no internal IT department I had to find an external solution provider who could provide that service.

Evolve had a challenging task with many system legacy issues to overcome. They approached this systematically, keeping us well updated during the whole process. The result is a system that works, with complete support, which my employees and I trust 100%

Migrating Email to the Cloud

The Client

The VAT Consultancy are an award-winning tax advisor. They help clients reduce the cost of VAT and duties, simplify procedures and ensure compliance.

They were established over 20 years ago, and operate independently. Their clients are companies listed on the FTSE 100, Fortune 500, AIM and Fast Track 100. They also advise leading charities and local authorities.

Their team of consultants are regularly on the move in the UK and around the world. Accessing email seamlessly wherever they are is crucial to ensure effective use of their time. They also need to maintain a highly professional impression in front of their clients.

The Problem

  • The company’s existing email server was complex and expensive to look after.
  • The ever-increasing volume of email was slowing their server down.
  • Connecting to email from outside the office was fiddly and unreliable.

Our Solution

We migrated The VAT Consultancy’s email, calendars and contacts from their internal Exchange server into the cloud:

  • We utilised our structured project management methodology
  • There was no disruption to their ongoing business
  • Email was migrated ‘behind the scenes’ in phases
  • We reconfigured all desktop and mobile devices
  • We provided enhanced support throughout the project
  • We decommissioned the old server

The Results

The VAT Consultancy were able to make immediate savings of over 45% on monthly IT support costs.

By utilising the power of Office 365, they bypassed their old server resulting in greatly improved email performance.

The company now has much greater capacity in their email system.

Office 365 allows The VAT Consultancy to instantly scale their email system up and down. This means that their business is more agile.

The company no longer needs to budget for significant future capital expenditure to keep their email system up to date.

How It Feels

We talked to Julie Park, The VAT Consultancy’s Managing Director to get her feedback on the project:

“I have been very impressed with the service we have had from Evolve since switching recently. During this time we have gone through a fair amount of transformation from an IT perspective and it has all been handled extremely well and with sensitivity to us running our business.

In addition we had good recommendations on strategy showing an understanding of our needs as a business (we hadn’t had this previously). My team has made positive unprompted comments to me about their dealings with Evolve – again this is a first as any unprompted feedback on IT historically tended to be negative”