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Reliable Backups That Protect Your Business

From an accidental file deletion all the way up to a system failure, it’s important to be able to retrieve your data quickly and easily before your business starts to suffer.

We ensure that:

  • All crucial and ‘mission critical’ information is backed up.
  • Backups are completed successfully and on schedule.
  • Backup data is stored in a safe and secure environment.

We check your backups every morning to ensure that they have completed successfully. If there are any problems then we fix them.

Every 6 months we guide you through a review of your backups. This allows us to ensure that changes to your data have been reflected in your backup jobs. That way we have a clear and mutual understanding and can ensure that nothing is missing.

Whether your data  is held in documents, spreadsheets, images, or a specialist application, we consider it our responsibility to ensure your backups are fit to restore from.

This service is a fundamental need for any business so we  include it in every one of our support contracts.

We provide the following additional services:

  • Offsite Backup – our service frees you from the headaches of changing tapes and taking them out of the office. Your data is backed up everyday to our secure UK-based data centres.
  • Business Continuity – an advanced service that protects you in the event of a critical failure. If your server crashes or is stolen we can bring a copy of it online within minutes to keep your business operating as normal.

Our Helpdesk Service

We resolve your IT problems quickly

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Managing Backups

We manage your backups to bring you peace of mind

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Monitoring Systems

We fix problems before they affect your business

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Constant Maintenance

Non-stop maintenance keeps your system in shape

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Great Advice

Make better decisions with IT advice from our team

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