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Welcome Vania – Our Newest Techie

16/02/2017 in Careers

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We are very pleased to welcome Vania to the Evolve team. She is an experienced technician and has been with us for a few weeks already. She’s been learning the ropes behind the scenes, but we’ll soon have her taking calls and fixing problems on the Helpdesk.

When I asked her what she would do if she won the lottery she gave a very non-techie response: “I would open a fruit farm and grow my own fruit and vegetables”. Just to confirm her technical credentials, however, she added “and I would use every possible gadget to check them as they grow”.

Vania is a fan of sci-fi, emoticons, loves tiramisu but hates beer.

And she also loves making sour dough bread which ensures she fits in with our food-loving team.